David Fromm, Promex COO

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (August 10, 2023) Promex, a leader in the assembly of physically small devices  that contain semiconductor chips for the medical, biotechnology and communications markets, announced it has named David Fromm its chief operating officer. The promotion and new title is in  addition to Fromm’s current role as vice president of engineering at the company. 

Fromm will be responsible for the full breadth of operations at Promex, including technical  developments for high-quality, scalable assembly and manufacturing of complex medical devices that  incorporate microelectronics. He will lead operations, engineering, and business development teams  from the company’s Silicon Valley facility in Santa Clara. He joined Promex in March 2023, after  collaborating with the company as a customer for nearly a decade. 

“Dave has walked in the shoes of OEM engineers, project leads, and procurement decision-makers. He is  uniquely qualified to bring a customer-focused perspective to every aspect of the Promex business,” said  Richard Otte, Promex CEO. “He understands how to partner for turnkey, vertically integrated approaches  to creating the smallest, most complex medical devices that are enabled with microelectronics.” 

Most recently, Dave led research and development for hardware and technology for next-generation  platforms at Cepheid as director of instrument research. He partnered with Promex to develop and build key subassemblies within a ruggedized Point of Care molecular diagnostics device. “I needed a partner  capable of iterating and building out the vision, from a blank piece of paper through design maturity, for  very complex projects,” said Fromm. “My leadership at Promex is shaped by what appealed to me as a  customer – the company’s capabilities, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. Promex can take early,  abstract requirements and scale them into successful production and commercialization.” 

Fromm also has experience as a senior optical scientist at Theranos and research scientist at Agilent  Technologies. He earned a PhD in physical chemistry at Stanford University and a B.A. in biochemistry  from the University of Colorado-Boulder. He holds multiple patents for molecular diagnostics systems  and high-speed atomic force microscopy. Fromm will focus on continued enhancement of skills needed 

to develop devices for a growing range of medical device customers and creation of new technical  capabilities to achieve the leading-edge assembly and manufacturing services required by these  products.  

Promex is the market leader in microelectronic component assembly, process design, and packaging for  the medtech and biotechnology markets. It is uniquely positioned among contract manufacturers with the broadest set of capabilities under one roof: two full SMT lines; post-wafer processing technologies,  including wafer dicing, grinding, die attach, and flip-chip; wire bonding; encapsulation; and more. With cutting-edge equipment, extensive material properties knowledge, and meticulous supply chain  management, Promex partners with OEMs at all stages, from early and small prototypes to R&D  development and high-volume production.