emerging and clean tech

Our technology and industrial customers’ applications may differ – intelligent transport networks, solar cells, photonic test & measurement equipment – but their needs are similar. They turned to Promex to fulfill a unique requirement other microelectronics companies simply couldn’t handle – like these:

  • Two-sided SMT assembly on a ceramic substrate in Class 100 clean-room. Critical placement criteria of bare die stacked four high inside a 1 mm-deep well.
  • Double-sided FR4 SMT assembly with subsequent placement of multiple laser diodes on single substrate in X, Y, Z, Theta and pitch. Required accuracy of +/- 5 microns.
  • Component fabrication and lead frame-based multi-die assembly with multi-millimeter thick dam and optically pure, bubble-free fill.
  • Precise sawing of exotic materials and structure definition.
  • Unique lead frame design converted to thick film ceramic and fabricated in house.
  • Turnkey program, from procuring wafers through finished module test, with critical dimensional control for multiple die stacks on ceramic substrate. Program resulted in significantly improved performance over individually assembled QFNs.
  • Extensive serialization requirements and data tracking to enable downstream module performance evaluations.
  • Double-sided SMT, die attach and wirebond for Class III injectable medical device smaller than 3 mm. Attachment of unique components with multiple encapsulations and precise dimensional control.
  • Multi-die stack (including one MEMS device) in a thick overmolded QFN package. High-reliability application required special device handling and mold processing.