Unique devices often have equally unique production requirements

Such as not exceeding 85°C during assembly. Handling components that can’t be exposed to standard cleaning processes. Providing excellent adhesion between surfaces for fluid processing devices. Controlling voids or bubbles in organics. No matter how unique your requirements, we’ll specify the best materials and processes to ensure stable performance.

Let’s start with a design review for reliability and manufacturability

We understand the FDA requirements for materials and processes needed to manufacture Class II and Class III devices. And the need to assemble those devices in Class 100 or Class 1000 cleanroom environments.

Even if all you have is proof of concept

Our engineering and materials experience will get you to assembly of beta units, followed by scaling to high-volume production. Click below for more info on:

Medical device development
Biotech microfluidic device design
Automotive applications
Technology, semiconductor, industrial and commercial applications