When you’re deciding what supplier to do business with, first you make sure they can provide the services you need. Then you check to see if they’ve done business with other companies like yours. And finally, you go to their ABOUT US page to determine if they’re just a good company or a great company. How can you tell if Promex is great? Visit the pages below for answers to the most commonly asked questions.


How long have they been in business? Why are they in business? Are they stable?


Who’s steering the ship? Who’s rowing the ship? Do they have the expertise and the experience to do what you need done?

Giving Back

Are they a socially responsible corporate citizen? Do they give back as much as they get?


How well do they communicate with their customers?


Promex tries very hard to be a great company.

If there’s anything we can do better, email sales@promex-ind.com. We’d love to hear from you.