Die Attach Film Applications

By Promex CTO Annette Teng
Published in MEPTEC Report Winter 2016

Keywords: DAF, DDAF, die attach, OmPP, QFN

Die attach film (DAF) and dicing die attach film (DDAF) have been commercially available since 2000. Epoxy paste adhesives have historically been the sole epoxy material available for die attach, an integral part of component assembly, in particular for wire-bonded devices, but not quite applicable for flip chip assembly. In this white paper, DAF is shown to be well established as a standard die attach material and can also work as a lid seal material for open cavity panels. Many types of DAF, including silver filled electrically conductive, diamond filled thermally conductive as well as non-conductive DAF for various complex microelectronic assemblies have been successfully implemented.

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“Advances in Medical Device Package Manufacturing”  by Former Promex Chief Technology Officer Dr. Edward S. Binkley. Presented at the MEPTEC Packaging Symposium, October 2014. View PDF

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A Simplified QFN Package Characterization Technique”  by Promex CEO Richard F. Otte and by Dr. Eric Bogatin and Trevor Mitchell, Bogatin Enterprises. Published August 2010. This technique was used to characterize the electrical parasitics (R, C and L vs frequency) of our family of overmolded QFN packages at RF frequencies up to 10’s of GHz. View PDF