semiconductor packaging circuit boards

With production lines onsite in Silicon Valley and San Diego, we expedite packaging for quick-turn engineering builds and offer an alternative to going offshore for high-volume production. Available package types include:


Download chip package drawings from our Knowledge Center.


Plastic Overmolding and Overmolded Arrays Process

Wafer thinning

Wafer singulation

Die attach (NiPdAu pre-plated matrix lead frames)


Transfer molding (RoHS-compliant Sumitomo G770 Series compound)

Package mark

Saw singulation

Quality control with SPC in all of the above major assembly steps

Controlling and monitoring the storage temperature of perishable raw materials

Electronic Connections on a Precise Scale

Looking for custom package and process development with materials and process synergy for microelectronics miniaturization? If you see your application below, it’s likely we’ve already developed what you need. Visit Chip Package Drawings.


If your device is so unique it’s never been done before, let’s work together to get it to market fast.

We’ll create what you need, die-to-assembly, using the methods that best fit your application.


Packaging Solutions  

  • Solder-sealed hermetic packages (side brazed, flat packs, ceramic pin grid arrays)
  • Glass-sealed packages (CERDIP, CERQUAD, CERPACK)
  • Overmolded legacy packages (PDIP, SOIC, SSOP)
  • Overmolded leadless packages (DFN, QFN)
  • Ball grid array (tin/lead, lead free, SAC305)


Module Assembly and Heterogeneous Assembly

  • MCM, RF modules, CSP, MEMS device packaging
  • Image sensors
  • Optoelectronics and photonic devices
  • Class III medical and implantable devices
  • SIPS: 2D, 2.5D, 3D, SMT, stacked die lead frame, solder balled or LGA substrate


Quik-Pak Division QFN Produced in San Diego

Quik-Pak’s QFNs are package of choice for single-, multi- and stacked die & SiPs

Overmolded, open-tooled QFN and DFN packages

Overmolded, open-tooled QFN and DFN packages are designed for quick-turn engineering builds, with standard five-day delivery of assembled QFNs. Custom-designed packages can be produced in as little as five weeks after drawing approval. The QFNs are available in over 35 designs, with multiple thicknesses. Package sizes range from 2×2 mm to 12×12 mm for QFNs and 1.5×1.5 mm to 4×4 mm for DFNs. All QFNs are RoHS compliant and utilize NiPdAu-plated lead frames.

Air cavity plastic QFN packages

Air cavity plastic QFN packages, also known as Open-molded Plastic Packages (OmPP), are used in RF/microwave, MEMS and sensor applications. OmPPs feature gold plating for wire bondability; RoHS- and REACH-compliant green molding compound; short, highly conductive interconnects and JEDEC outlines. Matching ceramic, plastic, quartz or glass lids with b-stage epoxy seals are available. More than 30 off-the-shelf sizes are in stock for prototype, mid-volume and production-volume requirements. Custom designs are also available. More details can be found in Quik-Pak’s product brochure

Quik-Pak also offers complete assembly services to help accelerate time to market, including flip chip and wire bonding (Au, AI and Cu from 0.6 mil to 20 mil diameters), wafer thinning, dicing, and pick and place.