process engineering

We’re known for the high caliber of our engineering staff. With materials science-centric experience and deep knowledge of chemistry, metallurgy, polymer science, ceramic science and electronics, we’ll specify synergistic processes for a seamless transition from engineering to production.

“We’re a how-to-build kind of company that puts a premium on service”

Manufacturing plans from prototype through volume production

  • Selection of manufacturing sequence and equipment
  • Development of custom engineered flows
  • Unique packaging solutions
  • Experience with a wide range of assembly processes
  • Excellent ESD control
  • Class 100/1000 cleanrooms

Materials management

  • Selection of joining materials
  • Full turnkey, including purchasing and supply chain management with fully automated inventory control systems to accurately track all BOM items
  • Consigned materials for high-mix, low-volume SMT and PCB assembly

Custom process development

  • Specialized cleaning processes (plasma, ultrasonic, aqueous, etc.)
  • Temperature profilers
  • RoHS optimized reflow ovens
  • Cleaning processes for water soluble “no clean” and RMA flux systems
  • Statistical process control metrics

Test and measurement

  • Laser vision solder paste measurement
  • X-ray inspection
  • Automated optical inspection
  • CSAM
  • XRF
  • Fine and gross leak test
  • Ball shear
  • Wire bond pull