heterogenous Assembly

Heterogeneous Assembly Datasheet

Heterogeneous Assembly Datasheet

Medical and biotech devices often include optical, chemical, RF and liquid elements. Some are combined with electronic devices to increase functionality or interaction with the environment. To produce these devices, multiple technologies are combined in a cost-effective way, ideally using a rapid process development cycle to minimize time to market. Combining technologies, as well as combining components with electronics, requires improved design methods and software, involves more material properties, longer supply chains and a sophisticated manufacturing process known as heterogeneous assembly.



Heterogeneous: It’s More Than Just Integration – It’s Assembly, Too

by Promex President and CEO Richard Otte
MEPTEC Report – Winter 2017

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Redundant, fully automated, continuous flow assembly lines for continuous uninterrupted production

  • Highly-automated surface mount line with integrated SMT/PCBA for COB with component placement to 01005
  • Commercial and MIL-STD assembly flows
  • High speed chip shooter
  • Die inspection (MIL STD or Commercial)
  • Complex multi-die separation builds
  • Automated die attach (to less than 10 micron accuracy)
  • Die attach Film (conductive vs. non-conductive)
  • Ultra-fine pitch wirebonding (Au Ball, AI Wedge, Cu, RF-Au wedge)
  • Flip chip
  • Plastic over molding, encapsulation and precision materials dispense
  • Transfer mold
  • Dam & Fill
  • Laser Marking
  • Lead Trim & Forming
  • Lead Finishing