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A strategic partnership with Promex enables you to provide a broader range of capabilities for your customer who needs to incorporate optics, MEMS, piezoelectric, or microfluidics with microelectronic devices.

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Turning Concepts into Products

A Critical Role in the Supply Chain

Promex plays a critical role in the Medical & Biotech Device supply chain specializing in custom assembly processes for microelectronic sensors. We have a focus on US-based production and a client roster that includes some of the top names in biotech and medical devices as well as emerging startups.

Because we work at the earliest stages of prototype development, Promex has visibility on new and emerging projects well ahead of most other companies in the overall supply chain.

Device Manufacturers

A strategic partnership with Promex provides you with a broad range of essential capabilities around the integration and assembly of specialized components such as optics, MEMS, piezoelectrics, or microfluidics with microelectronics.

Promex works across the full product life-cycle from early-stage prototype development to long-term full-scale production.

Engineering Design Firms

By working with Promex during the engineering design phase of a new product, we can show how to integrate components that add specialized capabilities such as optics, MEMS, piezoelectric, or microfluidics with microelectronic devices into your design.

In addition, we understand the engineering challenges around “design for manufacturing” and can provide critical insight into the overall engineering design effort.

Startup Accelerators

Promex can work with your client startups to provide guidance on the process of taking their concepts to full commercialization. Offering critical insight into areas such as “design for manufacture” and sustainability.

We can apply our decades of experience in the manufacture of complex components for biotech & medical devices towards successful design approaches that will maximize your startup client’s product success and successful VC funding.

Corporate VC Groups

Investment risk reduction is critical for groups involved in funding early-stage startups. Promex has decades of experience building critical assemblies for biotech and medical device companies and can offer deep insight into the key success factors for device startups.

We have worked with some of the top names in both biotech molecular diagnostics and medical device development and well as many early-starge VC-backed startups. By involving Promex, we can bring those decades of experience to the success of your portfolio companies.

Our Services

Your Microelectronic Assembly Partner

Promex does microelectronic component assembly & packaging for biotech & medical devices. We build the core components and sensors found in many major devices from robotic surgery platforms to qPCR instruments.

We work from prototype development through to full-scale production. As a result, Promex is often involved in products over their entire lifecycle from concept to full commercialization.

Promex Background

Typical Clients

Intuitive Surgical
Boston Scientific
St. Jude Medical
Cianna Medical
Merit Medical
Teledyne Rad-Icon
Integrated Nano-Technologies
Incube Labs
Spinal Modulation
*These are examples of clients that Promex has worked with on various programs from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Due to confidentiality agreements were are not able to disclose actual customer names.

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Promex is open to partnering with companies within the biotech & medical device development and manufacturing space. We see cooperation on projects as a path to mutual benefit.

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