Heterogenous assembly new? We’ve been doing it for 20 years!

by: Dick Otte, President & CEO

Ninety percent of contract manufacturers make devices that are little more than metal boxes with stuff in them. The other ten percent offer specialized processes. Then there is the rare breed of microelectronics assembly services provider that has mastered multiple layers of capabilities and combined them into one heterogeneous process. Like Promex. When we were … MORE >>

Developing new medical devices? Start with a free design review for reliability and manufacturability.

by: Rosie Medina, Director Sales & Marketing

Medical devices and biotech systems often involve people, animals, bacteria, viruses and other living entities lacking standard electrical connectors. Instead, they use sensors, actuators, antennas and probes to receive and transmit signals. These specialized products may also include channels, pumps and seals to move liquids. MEMS devices to detect physical phenomena or to affect the … MORE >>

Even if all you’ve got for your new 5G product is a proof of concept, we can help accelerate the process

by: Dick Otte, President & CEO

Annual revenues for 5G services and products are estimated to reach $250 billion by 2025. No wonder manufacturers are racing to be first to market. These new function-rich 5G products will incorporate more sensors and devices and require a broad range of parts. Assembly will involve more complex steps to accurately locate and join components, … MORE >>