Advances in semiconductor assembly and fabrication are offering medical device designers new options for smaller, more compact and more sophisticated designs.

Modern surgical devices require a small non-intrusive footprint. Often with on-board chips, rigid or flexible substrates and 3D stacked components. And there is often a requirement for integrated optical components and precision placement within plus or minus 5-microns on a 3-axis mount. And the entire apparatus needs to be sterilizable and hermetic.

Medical device manufacturing is characterized by a few key factors: being able to operate in a tight regulatory environment, lifetime bill-of-material and process documentation requirements. And demanding layout and size control involving mixed assembly processes and the development of stable, automated processes. And once such a process has been fully developed and properly documented it remains unchanged for the life of the product due to the costs associated with making any modifications.

Below is a short (4-min) discussion of how these advances are re-shaping medical device design:


Here’s a downloadable version (.pdf) of the presentation in the video:



At Promex, we specialize in the fabrication of complex semiconductor assemblies for the medical device industry. We understand the regulatory processes and the unique engineering demands required for medical devices and can bring a wide range of capabilities to help clients turn designs into manufactured assemblies that meet the client’s technical, regulatory, and economic constraints.

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