About Us

About Us

Microelectronics Assemblies: Serving Diverse Markets

Promex excels at manufacturing products that require combing a variety of electronic and microelectronic assembly technologies; SMT, chip-on-board, flip-chip, sawing, sealing, accurate placement, high cleanliness, minimal voiding, adhesive flow control, etc. This capability is particularly useful for building SiPs and similar products resulting from the More than Moore direction of the industry. Many emerging medical, biotech and military-defense products are not only small but combine components in a manner that requires a complex series of assembly steps to miniaturize, join, accurately locate, control adhesive fillets seal joints to prevent liquid leakage, etc. Promex has the equipment, the processes, and the engineering skills to develop the manufacturing processes for this emerging group of products.

The value of Promex derives from our world class engineering skills. Three on-staff Ph.D's and several graduate level engineers apply their deep knowledge of materials science, chemistry, metallurgy, polymer science, chemical engineering, ceramic science and electrical engineering to provide customers with a competitive advantage partnership from concept through volume production. The unique combination of our broad equipment set and decades of microelectronics assembly expertise drives custom process development through reliable contract manufacturing services for the medical & bioscience, commercial semiconductor and military markets.

* Custom process development for microelectronic devices
* New product introductions from prototypes through volume production
* SMT / PCBA assembly including chip-on-substrate
* Materials-centric advanced packaging expertise
* Materials and process synergy knowledge
* Volume production