About Us

About Us

High Reliability SMT for the Medical and Aerospace/Defence Markets

We are experts at combining conventional SMT with direct chip attach method: flip chip, COB, etc. We are able to achieve the high standards of ISO 13485:2003 and IPC-A-610 Class 3.

Traditional leaded solder system SMT/PCB assembly for high reliability aerospace/defense applications is readily available.

Redundant continuous flow assembly lines ensure continuous uninterrupted production. These lines are fully automated with 01005 component placement capability. Process controls include laser vision solder paste measurement, on-line x-ray, automatic optical inspection (AOI), plasma cleans, temperature profilers, RoHS optimized reflow ovens, and cleaning processes for water soluble, "no clean" and RMA flux systems as well as specialized cleaning processes (such as plasma, ultrasound, etc). Statistical process control metrics are used throughout. Promex is well experienced with SMT production of implantable medical devices.

ITAR registered production assembly available.

Full Turnkey Materials:
Promex offers full turnkey materials buying and supply chain management for strategic customers. Fully automated inventory control systems allow tracking of BOM items.

Consigned Materials:
Promex provides electronics contract manufacturing services for high mix, low volume SMT & PCBA including quick turns.